Awesome Products Expands West Memphis Plant

Buena Park, CA — Awesome Products is pleased to announce the expansion of their West Memphis plant, located in West Memphis, Arkansas. With over 160 products on the market, Awesome Products has been creating high quality cleaning products for decades. With the expansion of their West Memphis plant, Awesome Products will offer more opportunities for the community, while expanding their product, creating affordable and quality cleaning products for consumers everywhere.

Awesome Products was founded by LD Hardas, who was born in Nagpur, India. As a young immigrant, Hardas moved to the United States, where he was first introduced to formulation chemistry. While pursuing a Masters degree in chemical engineering, he started working for a pharmacist who performed prescription compounding of topical dermatology products. “I remember developing a stable solvent to extract minoxidil for Dr. Guinter Kahn in 1984, who made it public knowledge that minoxidil grows hair. I had big dreams, no money, the best education, and family support to bank on. I wanted to achieve success and share it with people around me by making a tangible materialistic difference for good in their life,” said Hardas.

With little money and a big education, Hardas created Awesome Products from the ground up. His philosophy was to help everyone in need, and he stated, “I created Awesome Products all on my own, with no help from any partners. If you believe it is a good thing, you can afford it, and my goal was to help as many people that came into my life.” Achieving his goals with the creation of Awesome Products, Hardas continues to help people everywhere, including the community where Awesome Products are being made today. Offering high quality home cleaning products to everyone, Hardas continues to make a difference in people’s lives all over the country.

Awesome Products works with many major retail companies to offer its products to consumers everywhere. With brand-name companies like Stepan Chemicals, Dow Chemicals, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Wal-Mart, Sears, Big Lots, and Rite Aide, LD Hardas continues his philosophy of helping everyone in need, and keeping his products high quality at an affordable price.

About Awesome Products

Awesome Products is dedicated to providing the best, highly effective products at an affordable price. Since 1983, Awesome Products prides themselves in producing the highest quality solvents for chemical and household cleaning products on the market. Awesome Products operates manufacturing and distribution centers in West Memphis, Arkansas, and Orange County, California. Their fully integrated and technologically advanced manufacturing facilities oversee the production process from start to finish. The mission of Awesome Products is to exceed customer service and deliver superior products, and provide exceptional value at a price that everyone can afford.