Awesome Products Releases Three New Products

Buena Park, CA — Awesome Products Inc., manufacturer of high-quality household cleaning products at affordable prices, is releasing three new products: the 64 oz. Mop & Shine, the 50 oz. Sensitive Skin Dish Liquid, and the One-Gallon Bleach. These products are designed to work gently yet powerfully on numerous surfaces and cut down on cleaning time.

The 64 oz. Mop & Shine is safe and strong on both no-wax and regular floors. The product is effective on all types of floors, including rubber tile, asphalt tile, marble, and linoleum. The Mop & Shine can also be distributed by a slow-release floor cleaner, which uses encapsulated technology for even distribution.

The Sensitive Skin Dish Liquid comes in different fragrances, and is recommended for anyone who handles dirty dishes consistently, including busy parents, caterers, banquet halls, soup kitchens, and restaurants. The dish liquid’s sensitive skin formula is suitable for hands that easily react to harsher formulas.

Available in a fresh floral scent, the One-Gallon Bleach is powerful enough to wash 60 loads of laundry. Awesome Products Inc. bleach products, like the rest of the company’s inventory, go through a thorough examination program to ensure that every product is of the best quality before leaving the manufacturing plant.

In a time when eco-friendly consciousness has become more commonplace, Awesome Products Inc. has always been ahead of the curve. The products are never tested on animals, nor do any of the products contain animal parts. In addition, Awesome Products Inc. packages are made from recycled substances, and are therefore recyclable themselves.

In addition to the eco-friendly packaging, only raw ingredients are included in Awesome Products Inc. products. The Mop & Shine, the Sensitive Skin Dish Liquid, and the One-Gallon Bleach are safe to use, as they contain neither acid nor ammonia. They are also non-flammable, safe for septic tanks, and are made in the U.S.. The Mop & Shine and Sensitive Skin Dish Liquid also contain no bleach.

The 64 oz. Mop & Shine, the 50 oz. Sensitive Skin Dish Liquid, and the One-Gallon Bleach are now available for sale at 99 Cents Only and Dollar Tree Stores.

About Awesome Products Inc.

Since the 1980s, Awesome Products Inc. has been in the forefront of cleaning product manufacturers that provide efficient cleaning solutions at the most affordable prices. Awesome Products Inc. CEO, LD Hardas, established his company by leveraging his chemical engineering education and pharmaceutical background. The company now sells over 180 products, with distribution centers in Arkansas, North Carolina, and California. For more information, visit


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