“My grandsons, Matthew 10 and Nathan 6 are into Motorcycle racing and (Awesome) is ALL I used on their clothes.  I even buy some and take it to the race track when I am there.  The racers want to know how I get the boys’ riding clothes clean… AWESOME.”

-Bonnie, Michigan

“I am writing this letter to let you know how wonderful Awesome is.  My family has used it many times on all types of stains.  It has taken out blood; grease, tar, and oil build up.  IT has saved my mother a great deal of time and money by only allowing her to buy only one cleaner.”

-Tyler, Pennsylvania

“Awesome dissolves grease and grime with very little effort, making everything shine like a new penny.  Grass and bloodstains are removed with only a squirt or two and NO soaking.  I use Awesome on everything from the top of my refrigerator to the tires on my truck.  It is the best thing since peanut butter.”

-Nicki, Wyoming